TV Licence Contact Number

To get information on what the TV Licence is or how you can secure one so that you’ll be able to watch your TV shows without breaking the law just contact them on their informative telephone helpline 0300 790 6144.

Getting a TV Licence should be treated as if you’re paying a requisite tax. This is because if you really want to catch up on that TV show that all your friends, classmates or work colleagues are talking about then the TV Licence is a must. When you have a TV Licence, you’ll feel no guilt whenever you turn on your TV. You won’t have to look over your shoulder to see if the UK government’s agents are outside your house peeking in through windows, as watching television without a licence in the country is illegal and punishable with a hefty fine or a jail sentence.

TV Licence Contact Numbers

If you have any questions about the TV Licence, for example if you don’t know how to get one, if you wish to know what it really is or if you’re not sure if you should get one then you should call them up on 0300 790 6144.

If you’re not certain about the payment methods utilised to secure the licence, then call 0300 555 0286 for information about the Payment Card or 0300 555 0281 for Savings Card information.

You can also dial 0300 790 6050 to reach them via a textphone or minicom service.

TV Licence Postal Address

Their postal address is:

TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL,
United Kingdom.

TV Licence Email Form

If you prefer to email them, then you can use their online contact form on their website