First Utility Contact Number

To enquire about cheaper electricity in the UK, you need to contact the customer service team of First Utility by dialling their contact number 01926 320 700 on the phone.

Electricity is one of the most used naturally-occurring phenomena in the world. It’s right up there with water and like water, electricity is controlled by many large corporations. In the UK, the five largest electricity suppliers are called the Big Five and because they control more than 90% of the market, they may think that they have control over the price.

This is why they can on occasion overcharge their customers. First Utility is calling them out on this clear scam. First Utility is actually the 7th largest electric company in the UK right now and if more people hear what they have to say, maybe soon they’ll be bigger than the Big Five.

Contact Number for First Utility Customer Service

First Utility is keen on telling everyone in the UK that they don’t have to pay as much as they usually do with their current Big Five electricity. You can enquire about this by dialling 01926 320 700. You can also phone this number if you are an existing customer with First Utility and want to query an energy bill or if you have a problem with your energy supply.

Chat with First Utility

You can also go online on their official website and chat live with their knowledgeable customer representatives.

Contact Form to Email First Utility

You can also send an email containing your enquiries and comments to First Utility by using their official email address

Social Media First Utility

Their social media accounts are actively manned to ensure that customer enquiries are read and answered.

Tweet First Utility on their official Twitter page @FirstUtility.

Send a message to their official Facebook page where you can also see their promotional posts

Watch their promotional videos on their official YouTube page