E.ON Contact Number

If you want to contact E.ON customer services on their helplines then just phone 0333 202 4674 if you have a prepaid meter, 0345 303 3020 if you’ve chosen the credit meter to pay your energy bills or phone 0345 366 5976 if you picked the Smart meter.

As soon as you wake up, electricity will exert its influence over how you experience your day. Well, to be fair, electricity may have still played a major role while you were sleeping. You may have your music playing in the background. You may have your air conditioner on or you may have your dim lights illuminating your room in a relaxing ambiance. To be able to accomplish all of the things with our machines and gadgets, we need to be subscribed to an energy supplier like E.On.

E.On Phone Numbers

Contact the E.On customer service team on their telephone helpline 0333 202 4674 if you want to ask about prepaid meters. If you have questions about credit meters, then dial them on 0345 303 3020. If you’re using a Smart meter for your energy then dial 0345 366 5976.

If your power supply has recently been transferred from other suppliers, then the phone lines to call are 0345 302 3473 for prepaid meters and 0333 202 4610 for credit meters.

To complain to them directly about an energy bill or their service then please phone their official complaints helpline 0333 202 4606.

They can also be contacted using a textphone or minicom device by calling 0800 056 6560 for free.

To receive your energy bill or related E.ON correspondance in Braille please phone their dedicated helpline 0333 202 4674.

Send a Tweet to E.On

E.On is also available through Twitter, just tweet your queries to @EONhelp for assistance.