CSA Contact Number

To learn more about the services that the Child Support Agency (CSA) offer just contact them using their telephone helpline 0345 713 3133.

The CSA is a UK government initiative that supports the growth and development of unfortunate UK children by eliciting child support from separated parents. This is a very important function because the personality of a person develops primarily during childhood and if you are living in a financially-deficient home then your mental and physical development may be impaired.

The behaviour of the parents influence children both positively and negatively. When a parent loves a child and shows this by supporting the child’s emotional as well as financial needs, the child will feel loved and grow up well-adjusted.

If the child loses connection with a negligent parent, some trust issues will be manifest in their personalities from all the disappointment and disenchantment they may have experienced growing up. This is why the Child Support Agency is very important. It is the CSA that takes action whenever children in the UK are abandoned by their parents or when their financial support is significantly lacking.

Phone the CSA

When you’re a parent who would like to ask your former partner support for your child, then just call on CSA for help.

They can be easily reached by calling 0345 713 3133. If you’re using the textphone service for the hard of hearing then contact them on 0345 713 8924.

If you would like free impartial advice on the child maintenance options available to you then you can phone the CSA’s freephone helpline 0800 0835 130 for assistance on how to set up payments.

Alternatively if you run a business and you need assistance on making child maintenance deductions from your employee’s pay then please phone the CSA’s dedicated employers helpline 0345 713 6010 for payroll advice.