Child Tax Credit Contact Number

If you’re interested in receiving the Child Tax Credit benefit that’s offered by the UK Government to help parents out in raising their children then contact the HMRC office by dialling 0345 300 3900 on your phone.

Most couples feel that raising children is an imperative part of life which is why they decide to bring a child into their lives, changing the very dynamics of their relationship. Couples who have children are more likely to have less money than those who have none because there are a lot of expenses built into raising them.

You need to have the right infant formula to feed them, the proper protective clothing to keep them from catching a cold and the right school to ensure that they have a bright future. These are the essential needs and wants that a child may have growing up. Parents should prepare themselves for the wailing that comes right after the birth and lots of it.

Because raising a child is such a financial burden the UK Government’s HMRC office provides some much-needed help in the form of Child Tax Credits. With this benefit parents can at least save some of their money to spend on their child and themselves.

Child Tax Credit Phone Number

Call 0345 300 3900 to learn more about what Child Tax Credits are or how you can get them. You should also phone this number to inform HMRC about a change in your circumstances that will affect how much you get paid from your child tax credits, for example if you have started employment or your wages have changed substantially.

Write to HMRC about your Child Tax Credits

You can also notify HMRC about a change in your circumstances by sending them a letter to their official customer services address, to which you can also send an official letter of complaint in dispute of a decision that they have made:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
PR1 4AT,
United Kingdom.

Alternatively if you would like to claim child tax credits to support your child financially then please post your claims form to this postal address:

Child Tax Credit Claims,
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
L75 1AZ,
United Kingdom.

Similarly if you would like to renew your Child Tax Credit claim then please address your renewal forms to their official Liverpool office:

Child Tax Credit Renewals,
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
Comben House,
Farriers Way,
L75 1AX,
United Kingdom.