Aldi Contact Number

Call Aldi UK on their freephone customer service telephone number 0800 042 0800 if you would like to contact a supermarket representative with questions about any ongoing offers available in store.


About Aldi

Aldi is a German supermarket chain but has many stores throughout the United Kingdom. Aldi has in fact become a popular budget alternative to the ‘big four’ supermarkets in the UK, offering cheap own-brand groceries to its customers. Although the company is focuses on the sales of groceries, it also sells non-food items from electronics to garden furniture.


UK Customer Services – 0800 042 0800

Call Aldi UK on their freephone customer service telephone number 0800 042 0800 to contact an advisor with questions about any current offers that are being promoted in their stores. For instance, the supermarket advertises weekly deals on products such as homeware or gardening furniture which are subject to availability. Therefore callers should get in touch to ask whether there are any upcoming promotions in their local call before they miss out. You can also ask which will be the next product to be featured in the Aldi Specialbuys range before the list is updated every Thursday. Alternatively, you may wish to request pricing and product information on Aldi’s grocery items to see if you are eligible to claim any deals to reduce the cost of a weekly shop. Similarly, you may wish to enquire about the parking access and opening hours of your local Aldi over the phone.

You should contact a representative from the Aldi customer service department if you require technical support when using the online store as a representative can help you reset your security details over the phone if you are unable to log into your account. The representative can also offer an estimate on the delivery time for a large item, such as a piece home furniture, that has been bought from the Aldi website but has not yet arrived at your home address.


Call Costs

The Aldi customer service department uses a freephone 0800 contact number meaning that you will be able to get in touch completely free of charge from both UK mobile and landline telephones.


Aldi Complaints – 0800 042 0800

Call Aldi on their freephone complaints contact number 0800 042 0800 if you would like to register a grievance following a visit to the supermarket. For instance, callers can make a complaint if they are unhappy with the quality of a product sold at a store or if you are unhappy with their conduct of a particular member of Aldi staff.


Important UK Aldi Contact Numbers

Aldi Department UK Contact Number
UK Customer Services 0800 042 0800
UK – South East Head Office 01827 711 800
UK – East Head Office 01827 710 800
UK – North West Head Office 01245 215 011
Scotland Head Office 0151 353 2253


Write to Aldi UK

You may prefer to make a formal written enquiry or complaint and can send a letter detailing your concern to the Aldi UK customer service postal address: Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SQ, United Kingdom.